REVERBfest 2008: Ballard Comes Alive!

With 64 bands set to perform in a single day, REVERBfest is as big as mortally possible.

REVERBfest is bigger than Jesus.Well, maybe that's pushing it. But there's no denying that we here at Seattle Weekly have put together an awesome festival that happens to be the only—yes, the only—local music festival devoted entirely to local music.Last year we invited more than 60 of our favorite local performers and dispersed them among 10 different Ballard venues for the inaugural REVERBfest. The result was a big musical love-in, with fans of all types turning out to see folks like Throw Me the Statue, Mark Pickerel, Triumph of Lethargy, Grynch, and Macklemore. There was also a relatively unknown band there called Fleet Foxes.This year we decided we wouldn't fuss too much with a good thing. So on Saturday, October 4, you'll find yet another solid lineup of talent representing the best of Seattle hip-hop (Grayskul, Wizdom, Canary Sing), Americana (Michael Vermillion, Massy Ferguson, North Twin), indie rock (See Me River, Blood Red Dancers, Aqueduct), electronica (Man Plus, C-leb & A-bro), and random weirdness (Sweet Potatoes, The Curious Mystery). We've even got the Moondoggies filling in the "next big thing" category, not to mention Kurt Bloch (Thee Sgt. Major III) and Tad Doyle rounding out the "local legend" category. Doyle (of TAD fame) will be laying waste to the Sunset's sound system with his new band, Brothers of the Sonic Cloth.The fact that all these performers, from singer-songwriters like Zach Harjo to lesbian hip-hoppers Team Gina, can gather under this big umbrella we call REVERBfest is truly a testament to the vitality of this city's scene. It's also representative of how eclectic it is. Though indie rock has largely replaced grunge as the new "Seattle sound," this lineup is proof that there's all sorts of creative hanky-panky happening elsewhere. We've got women empowering others through hip-hop (Piece), vintage electronica that Pitchfork calls "the future of techno" (Truckasaurus), and '90s psych-rockers regrouping for a second life (Sage). And where else could you see an instrumental band steeped in retro soundtracks (Diminished Men) alongside a one-man glam-metal sideshow (KEG)?Of course, 64 bands are a lot to digest, so we've put together this handy pullout to keep your head from exploding. Inside you'll find information on every artist and venue participating. Plus it will tell you how little you'll pay for this festival—our ticket prices are recession-friendly!—and where your wristband will get you discounts at Ballard businesses.So, REVERBfest may not be bigger than Jesus. But with so many local bands gathered in one place, it might just be Live at Budokan, Great Gonzos, and Frampton Comes Alive all rolled into one.

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