Ill Bill

Sunday, October 12

Ill Bill grabbed the title of his new release The Hour of Reprisal from a Slayer song, and then devoted a track to a rhyming timeline of the group's career. Add cameo appearances from Killswitch Engage singer Howard Jones, Bad Brains and Soulfly growler Max Cavalera, and raprock-phobes might get a little antsy, especially since Ill Bill consorts with a known member of Limp Bizkit in his side-project La Coka Nostra. But that affiliate, DJ Lethal, started out in House of Pain, and Ill Bill's grimy material resembles that crew's gruff sound much more than it recalls nu metal. Besides, The Hour of Reprisal features plenty of hip-hop guests as well, including Tech N9ne and Raekwon. None of these moonlighters are traveling with Ill Bill during his first headlining tour, but the self-described "cult leader" recites his conspiracy-theory lyrics with such riot-inciting fervor that transfixed spectators won't even notice with whom he is or isn't sharing the stage.

Sun., Oct. 12, 7 p.m., 2008

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