Bird Studies

A regular contributor to Seattle Weekly, photographer Annie Marie Musselman is good at evoking sympathy, even if her subjects in “Bird Studies” aren’t exactly Care Bears. Her image of a recently injured mountain raven makes the undoubtedly conniving thief seem like an angel in black—and just wait until you see the baby barn owl in another shot on display in the exhibit (through Oct. 31), which features work from five other local avian-obsessed photographers. Musselman, who photographed birds and their caretakers at a wildlife rehab center, manipulates lighting so dramatically she could shame bird hunters into retiring their shotguns. If only she’d been around to save the dodo. Photographic Center Northwest, 900 12th Ave., 720-7222, Free. 9 a.m.–9:30 p.m. JOSHUA LYNCH

Oct. 22-31, 2008

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