Field of Screams

I don’t voluntarily venture into cornfields at night. I envision miniature homicidal maniacs lurking in the shadows waiting to chop me up into pieces, thanks to Stephen King’s Children of the Corn. But those with less violent imaginations can visit Stocker Farms’ 10-acre corn maze (open through Oct. 31). Test your navigation skills by attempting the labyrinth, which the creators say can take up to two hours to finish. (No cheating with your GPS!) Or take a 45-minute romp through the separate “haunted cornfield,” with blood-soaked murderers and monsters around every corner. Lost and frightened folks have emerged from the fields bawling, so be sure to confiscate your friends’ cell-phone cameras. The last thing you want is to have an embarrassing moment haunt you for years to come. Stocker Farms, 8705 Marsh Rd., Snohomish, 360-568-7391, $8–$20. 4–10 p.m. ERIKA HOBART

Oct. 25-31, 2008

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