Thursday, October 23

Kamelot has always embraced a baroque European aesthetic, and since 1998, the Florida-based band has had a real Norwegian, singer Roy Khan, at the helm. Khan sounds a lot like Geoff Tate, which, in addition to the group's keyboard-generated symphonics, means that this concert might bear some sonic resemblance to Queensryche's orchestra gig back in August. However, Kamelot's broadsword slices significantly deeper into the progressive realm, both in terms of virtuosity and fantastical content. For 2005's Faust retelling The Black Halo, Kamelot demonstrated its clout in the heavy-music community by enlisting the ostensibly demonic Shagrath (from Dimmu Borgir) to voice the God-loving archangel Mephisto. Last year's The Ghost Opera retained the grandiose theatrical feel without the aid of a concept-album framework. The live tracks on the Ghost Opera reissue confirm that Kamelot presents its material with as much dramatic flair as any Camelot cast. If only Lancelot and Guinevere could've heard these tunes: Headbanging to power metal would surely help star-crossed lovers release their frustrations.

Thu., Oct. 23, 7 p.m., 2008

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