Sunburned Hand of the Man

Monday, November 3

Chameleon band Sunburned Hand of the Man is constantly changing both its line-up and its sound, which makes describing the band difficult for label-reliant music critics. In reality, Sunburned Hand is less a band than a mutable collective of musicians experimenting with everything from free jazz to noise and punk rock, though the band is often associated with the New Weird America movement and "free folk." Even if you've seen Sunburned Hand of the Man before, every performance is a new experience; you never know what-- or who -- you're gonna see on that stage. Recently, the band suffered a huge loss, as Adam Nodelman, a member of both Franklin's Mint and Sunburned Hand of the Man, died suddenly at his home on August 25 from unknown causes. Fortunately for the fans, SHOTM and Franklin's Mint are both soldiering on and touring anyway, which makes it all the more important that fans old and new try their damndest to make it to the Sunset on Monday.

Mon., Nov. 3, 9 p.m., 2008

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