Wayne Horvitz Retrospective

Saturday, November 1

In another astute and ambitious bit of programming, the Earshot festival pays tribute this week to pianist/composer Wayne Horvitz, who moved out to Seattle from New York twenty years ago and instead of using our "livable" oasis as a comfy retreat, plunged into the local music world and raised it to his own level. He's nurtured numerous projects here, from chamber pieces to screaming free jazz to groove-rock projects, mentored dozens of great musicians, and happily found a home for his shows at such tiny Seattle venues as Lottie's Lounge and Cafe Paloma. Over the next three nights, Earshot will showcase several of Horvitz's bands, starting tonight with everyone's favorite acid-funk outfit, Zony Mash (born and bred in the old OK Hotel) and the more outre Pigpen. Great horn players like Briggan Krauss and Skerik are aboard, and every Horvitz fan should be too.

Sat., Nov. 1, 8:30 p.m., 2008

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