Ball of Wax 14 (CD release)

Thursday, November 6

The show tonight celebrating the release of Ball of Wax 14 is going "unplugged". But no, there will be not be fringed suede jacket-wearing "cowboys" from New Jersey singing about riding a steel horse, nor should you expect morose Bowie covers from flannel-clad Northwesterners. No, Levi Fuller is bringing it back home to the original acoustic style performances that started the BOW party in Fuller's own basement fourteen releases ago. The stripped-down live affair is a smart move logistically if you want to get as many of the seventeen contributing artists (Transmissionary Six, Geist & Samuel Joseph and LaChroma, just to name a few) as possible on and off the stage in a reasonably fluid fashion. In such an intimate setting, the mostly duo and solo performances will be perfect for BOW 14's toasty, crisp autumn vibe.

Thu., Nov. 6, 8 p.m., 2008

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