Ingrid Michaelson

Monday, November 10

When Staten Island, New Yorker Ingrid Michaelson first seeped into the public consciousness last year, she -- like Lily Allen, Arctic Monkeys, and a handful of other Internet success stories before her -- was written about as much for her "big break" story (obscure coffeeshop singer-songwriter with Lisa Loeb glasses gets tons of MySpace hits and attracts the attention of media bigwigs) as for the music she was making (perhaps even more so). Still, her sweet, endearing, sorta old-timey croon, clever lyrics, and upbeat, jazzy acoustic-pop songs obviously resonated with legions of online pals, and eventually with the masses when several tunes from 2007's Girls and Boys wound up on episodes of Grey's Anatomy and an Old Navy commercial. Michaelson's followed that up with benefit album Be OK, a collection of live songs, old songs, and some new ones, with proceeds going to cancer research. Now that she's arrived, it's her music and not her back story that will keep the public interested, and both her new disc and lauded live performances should take care of that just fine.

Mon., Nov. 10, 7 p.m., 2008

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