The Breeders

Tuesday, November 11

In 1993, the Pixies' dissolution freed bassist Kim Deal to address her songwriting jones, pick up the guitar and focus full-time on her side project, The Breeders. Tanya Donelly's departure to form Belly placed the writing duties squarely on Kim's shoulders, and she responded spectacularly on the breakthrough Last Splash. Kim and identical twin Kelley were the driving force behind a vibrant, playful album that turned girl-group conventions upside-down, featured the insanely catchy singles "Cannonball" and "Divine Hammer" and went platinum. After a European tour opening for Nirvana and a featured spot in Lollapalooza '94, they were on the cusp of the kind of stardom that had eluded the Pixies. But it all fell apart in '95 when Kelley was busted for heroin possession, forcing the band's breakup. The Breeders reunited in 2002, recording the inconsistent Title TK. Shortly thereafter, Kim entered drug and alcohol rehab (she no longer drinks). Six years (and a Pixies reunion) later, the Deals are back for their first Seattle show in seven years, with a new album, Mountain Battles, that shows signs they've rediscovered some of their mid-'90s magic.

Tue., Nov. 11, 8 p.m., 2008

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