Uh Huh Her

Saturday, November 8

Like some of you, the first time I heard of Uh Huh Her, I thought they were a PJ Harvey tribute band. Which would have been pretty cool, since most tribute bands do Zeppelin, Floyd, the Misfits, that kinda thing, and it might've been awesome to see a Polly Jean clone stalking the stage in heels and red lipstick all "50 Ft. Queenie" style. But no, Uh Huh Her isn't a PJ Harvey tribute band. The L.A. duo of singer/multi-instrumentalists Camila Grey (ex-Mellowdrone) and Leisha Hailey (who also plays "Alice Pieszecki" in Showtime's The L Word) is very cool in its own right, though. With their Peter Hook-y basslines, zap-gun synthesizers, propulsive beats, sensual vocals, and occasional shoegazer/drone atmospherics, Uh Huh Her lives at the intersection where Ladytron, Curve, the Cardigans, and Heaven or Las Vegas-era Cocteau Twins meet.

Sat., Nov. 8, 8 p.m., 2008

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