T.V. Eyes

22 flat screens--22!--at Spitfire.

Many people remember where they were the day John Kennedy was shot. Many others remember where they were when the Challenger exploded. Me? I'll never forget where I was the day Anna Nicole Smith died. I was having lunch at Spitfire with Mark Arm of Mudhoney. (I had a large Caesar salad and a big glass of Stella Artois. I have no idea what Arm ordered, but I remember he stuck to drinking water.) Thanks to the flat-screen TVs on the wall behind my head, Arm caught the news flash. He said flatly: "Weird. Anna Nicole Smith's dead." Because there are TVs everywhere you look at Spitfire, I didn't have to crane my neck around to see what Arm was seeing. Instead, I could just look past Arm and see the same news feed on the screen behind his head. I bring this situation up not to name-drop (though having lunch with Mark Arm is inarguably cool), but rather to note that Spitfire is one of those rare bars that keeps you connected to the outside world. It markets itself as a sports bar of sorts, but is really more a clean, cavernous joint for that peculiar phenom, the "Belltown hipster." Its specialty is having lots of televisions. A lot of the time they are tuned to ESPN, but, as was the case the day Smith died, sometimes to CNN. By the time this is published, the U.S. will likely know who our next president is, and some of you may have even gone to Spitfire for the SW-sponsored Election Night Blowout Bash. With 22 flat screens and free wi-fi, it's hardly an escapist Belltown bar. It could easily double as a news junkie's hub. Then again, keeping up with today's round-the-clock news feed is almost a sport in itself. 

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