The Gates of Slumber

Wednesday, November 12

The Gates of Slumber play a brand of doom metal that carbon-dates back to a time before the term itself existed, recalling Thin Lizzy and Dio-era Rainbow. The band's solos rip through sludgy riffs like saber teeth through a tar-coated mammoth. Karl Simon's clear, strong vocals synthesize Ozzy Osbourne's paranoid whine and Glenn Danzig's blues-wolf howl, meaning listeners won't miss any details during the harrowing tales of the "Ice Worm" and the "Dweller of the Deep." These longhaired brutes even rock the caveman look, though troglodytes probably didn't sport studded armbands. Tourmates/fellow Indiana natives Demiricious also trigger old-school flashbacks, albeit at a faster speed. The Gates of Slumber move more nimbly than most modern doom acts, perhaps because they don't downtune their guitars until the dangling strings scrape the earth's core, but Demiricious' blitzkrieg thrash will make the headliner seem like a lumbering colossus.

Wed., Nov. 12, 7 p.m., 2008

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