The Mighty Underdogs

Monday, November 17

While head-nodding my way through a Salt Lake City Blackalicious show last winter, Gift of Gab made an announcement. He called Lateef the Truth Speaker and producer Headnodic (of the Crown City Rockers) onstage, the two other members of the new supergroup the Mighty Underdogs. The crowd went silverback during their performance: both MCs freestyled at once and then delved into new tracks from their October release, Droppin' Science Fiction. I left the show buzzing from excitation and a flask of Jameson when I caught a lumbering silhouette headed toward the tour bus. It was Gift of Gab, who shook my hand and told me to check on the Mighty Underdogs when they come around. But he didn't have to remind me; after that performance, I was already planning on it.

Mon., Nov. 17, 8 p.m., 2008

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