Dead Confederate

Wednesday, November 19

At Sasquatch! '08, after a few bottles of bourbon, an incomprehensible poem, and a portrait of me as a female Neanderthal courtesy of guitarist Walker Howle, I got to talking with Athens, GA rock 'n roll outfit Dead Confederate. But don't read too much into the name or the hype. Turns out the Cobain comparisons are mostly just based on frontman Hardy Morris' looks, and most of the band draws more from Metallica than Lynyrd Skynyrd. In their words, it's not so much Southern rock as it is "monitor rock" -- meaning you have to straddle a monitor to play it. It's loud, distorted, and just a little dark, but if you can stand up to the decibels you'll thank yourself later...even if your eardrums don't.

Wed., Nov. 19, 8 p.m., 2008

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