Light Seeking Light

How many hours have you got to spend with Mary Temple? One of four artists featured in “Light Seeking Light” (through Dec. 20), her white-on-white installation Raise depends mainly on the sun peeking in through the light wells in the gallery roof. Delicate arboreal “shadows”—actually painted in the barest bas relief—show up, or don’t, depending on the time of day, the shadows overhead, and where you’re standing in the main gallery. Slip off your shoes to walk on a wooden floor, and you expect to see your own shadow among the tree branches that creep up the walls. Which silhouettes are real? How long have you got to wait? Elsewhere, Solange Fabião’s photos and wall-size videos of the Brazilian rainforest are overwhelmingly shadowed and still. The voice of Susan Philipsz gives a gloomy, Gothic echo to an old ’80s pop tune from her native Scotland. Harder to find are the bugs and bits stuck to the walls and ceiling upstairs by local artist Claire Cowie (whose work is also featured this month at James Harris). By the time you’ve made the circuit back to Raise, the sun may have clocked another hour overhead, making it possible to discern if any more creatures have joined Temple’s invisible forest. Western Bridge, 3412 Fourth Ave. S., 838-7444, Free. Noon–6 p.m.


Thursdays-Saturdays. Starts: Nov. 22. Continues through Dec. 20, 2008

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