Pit Er Pat

Friday, November 21

Pit Er Pat plays like a jazzy Portishead revamp, with the chilly female vocals recast in a rain forest of jungle beats and sweltering rhythms. Fay Davis-Jeffers brings a torch-singer vibe to highly flammable backdrops, igniting dub reggae, brassy lounge funk and organ-mellowed garage rock. On its new release High Times, the Chicago-based trio empties its exotic-instrument arsenal, employing bells, bongos, cuica (think of that odd laughing-chimp sound in Beck's "Tropicalia") and a wide array of shaken/clapped percussive devices. It's unclear how much room the group left in the van for all the toys, but these songs would remain seductive even if stripped to their keys/bass/drums core. Openers Hecuba and Lucky Dragons, both duos from Los Angeles, use an electronics-intensive approach to groove-driven material, ranging from glitchy clatter to danceable trance. All ages.

Fri., Nov. 21, 7:30 p.m., 2008

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