Sunday, November 30

I once won tickets, (front row tickets, incredulously enough – thank you,!) to see the Rolling Stones play the Staples Center in Los Angeles. Before the concert I was overcome with anxiety, worried that an up-close encounter with the band would deprive me of any formerly held feelings of awe and admiration. I was wrong. Because if you're still on stage when you're sixty-something and can dance like a sexy rooster the whole time, or take one continuous drag off several packs of cigarettes over the course of an evening, you deserve to be up there. So do not hesitate at the opportunity to see AC/DC in concert, the band that just released their sixteenth original album, one which has reached the number one position in, oh, just twenty-nine countries. This is fierce, unapologetic, sneering and jeering rock 'n roll, just like it has been for the last three decades – and it can still kick your ass.

Sun., Nov. 30, 2008

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