Leon Hendrix

Saturday, November 29

With drummer Mitch Mitchell's recent death, the physical legacy of the Jimi Hendrix Experience finally came to an end, 38 years after its leader's tragic, premature passing. But just because a rock icon is dead doesn't mean his baby brother can't throw him a rockin' birthday bash, which is essentially what this gig amounts to. Jimi's younger sibling is Leon, a 60-year-old former street hustler who didn't pick up a guitar until six years ago, at roughly the same time when it became apparent that his exhaustive legal efforts to regain a cut of his brother's lucrative estate would prove futile. But while critics will be apt to dismiss Leon and his backing band as a cheap imitation of the real thing, his prowess proves that playing electric guitar is hard-coded in the Hendrix DNA. While Leon's singing voice leaves something to be desired (the same was said of Jimi), he is a respectable axe wielder, even if an emergence from his brother's long shadow is virtually impossible at this point, if it was ever possible to begin with.

Sat., Nov. 29, 7 p.m., 2008

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