Thanksgiving Eve Parties

The bars are stocked with liquor tonight. Thanksgiving Eve is one of the busiest nights for clubs across the nation, thanks to plenty of reasons: it’s a holiday, anxiety over an imminent family reunion, loneliness if you’re not having said reunion, friends are in town… the list goes on and on. I prefer venues that attract college kids home for the weekend because they really know how to party. (Okay, I still can’t let go of those Wazzu glory days.) Regardless of your drinking rationale tonight—hey, I’m not judging!—below are some suggested night spots that will slightly damage your liver, but not your wallet. ERIKA HOBART

Capitol Club (414 E. Pine St.) Live acoustic music and a $5 pumpkin pie martini made with pumpkin spice, heavy whipping cream, aand of course, booze. A couple of these rich calorific treats will leave you woozy, trust me.

Club Heaven (172 S. Washington St.) DJs mixing music videos, $2 beers, $4 wells, $5 Smirnoff Bombs.

Contour (807 First Ave.) Ćurka Žurka Party (translates to “Turkey Day” in Serbian) featuring DJs, $4 well drinks and Heinekens, $10 cover.

Deep Down Lounge (126 S. Jackson St.) “This is where all the lonely hearts and broken homes end up,” observes the barkeep at this basement hangout. Get in for $3 with donation of canned food item, which goes to Northwest Harvest to deliver on Thanksgiving Day.

Neighbors (1509 Broadway) Roxy’s House of Dolls performs, lip-synching, $6 double wells (pricey but they’re fucking strong). The bartenders say everybody opts to lip synch songs by the Pussycat Dolls and Cher, so pick something else.

Noc Noc (1516 Second Ave., #104) Sorry, no burlesque tonight! But the bar will be open to provide one of the best deals in the city: $1 beers, $2 wells, $3 appetizers.

Twilight Martini Lounge (2125 Western Ave.) “Gravy Night” with DJs, a 4-9 p.m. happy hour featuring $3 wine, $5 martinis and cosmos. Expect an overflow of college students that are home for the weekend here. And me.

Wed., Nov. 26, 2008

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