Kimya Dawson

Monday, December 8

"Anti-folk" credentials aside, for all those hip mamas who'd rather gouge out their eardrums than listen to Raffi, ever, Kimya Dawson is a true godsend. A veteran of the Moldy Peaches and New York City's unfortunately-named "anti-folk" scene, Dawson lent her sweet, off-kilter folk stylings to the soundtrack to popular pregnancy film Juno, which earned Dawson some recognition outside of the diehard Moldy Peaches/Jeffrey Lewis/Turner Cody fans. The quirky sense of humor that endeared Dawson to a more mainstream audience also lends itself well to a kids' album, which is what her latest, Alphabutt, is. But unlike most made-for-kids music, this is a record grown-ups like just as much as the bitties do. All of us can name a few adults out there who could use a refresher on sharing, and we all should pity the boring prudes who claim to have outgrown fart jokes. If you got stuck at the back end of Capitol Hill Block Party during her set (or missed it altogether), here's your next opportunity. All ages.

Mon., Dec. 8, 7 p.m., 2008

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