Fast Times at Ridgmont High

Whoa. Flash back to 1982 with Amy Heckerling’s adaptation of the now Oscar-winning Cameron Crowe’s high-school exposé. Sean Penn, Jennifer Jason Leigh, and Phoebe Cates are the standouts (who, unsurprisingly, have since maintained legit careers), but Judge Reinhold does have a certain goofy charm. Mainly the generously observational comedy boils down to the conflict between Spicoli (Penn) and Mr. Hand (veteran thesp Ray Walston), set against a nice time capsule of early-’80s SoCal. As the man says, all you need are some tasty waves and a cool buzz. (R) BRIAN MILLER

Fri., Dec. 12, 11:59 p.m.; Sat., Dec. 13, 11:59 p.m., 2008

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