Prost: Where Getting the Boot Is a Good Thing

Sorry, that wasn’t very recession-era sensitive.

On an early Tuesday evening we ducked into German tavern Prost to find just two stools available. A sea of (mostly) men sat hunkered over liters of beer and bratwursts so huge they triggered memories of the bad porn flicks that used to infiltrate my college dorm floor. Pushing the visual out of my mind, I ordered a plate of hefty sausage laden with a spicy mustard so delicious it prompted me to swear off ketchup for life. Prost is the sort of tavern that makes you want to take refuge from blustery weather and eat and drink until you gain an extra 15 pounds. And motivation is provided; patrons earn "Prost Marks" for every .5 liters of beer they consume and can eventually obtain their own personalized bar stools. The most efficient way to reach this lofty goal is, of course, to order "The Boot," a two-liter boot-shaped glass that comes with two rules: 1) Once the boot comes off the table, it cannot be set back down until empty, and 2) the first person who surrenders must pick up the tab. What better way to be fiscally responsible during a recession than to invite a lightweight along for the challenge? You can use the money you save getting help—because, let's face it, if you've got your own fucking chair at a bar, you probably have a drinking problem. 

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