The Cops' Rock and Roll Circus

Thursday, December 18

There's been a lot of upheaval in Seattle's music world lately. Bands are breaking up, bands are moving away…when will the carnage end? Unfortunately, not yet. Before the year is over, we all must bid farewell to The Cops, a rock band that’s put on some of the best live shows in town and is leaving us with a measly two albums (and one EP) to remember them by. The good news is that you have three last chances to experience the Cops’ dynamic sets for yourself, starting this Thursday at the Cops' Rock And Roll Circus. Thursday night’s show will be a true smorgasbord: hip hop group Cancer Rising, Widower's Americana and The Bad Things' freaked-out bluegrass-klezmer combo. Friday, meanwhile, is an evening of rock and roll variants, from psychedelic experimentalists Kinski, to punk rockers the Whore Moans, to the Fall of Troy's scream-y punk. Saturday rounds it all out with straightforward indie pop courtesy of Spiral Stairs, the Sea Navy and Wallpaper. Whichever night you choose, the only way you can possibly go wrong with this special goodbye Circus is by not showing up at all.

Thu., Dec. 18, 9 p.m., 2008

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