The Nachos at Le Sexy

Thursday, December 18

N-A-C-H-O-S!! Fun to say and even more fun to eat, MySpace hosts no less than 14 pagesÂ’ worth of bands who've incorporated the cheesy treat into their name. Seattle's "The Nachos" are a masked duo who revel in beats and depravity. These bondage-clad bad boys perpetrate keytarded whip-hop infused with just enough humor to keep their shtick on the correct side of the line between the ironic and completely offensive. Which makes them the perfect band for Jackie Hell's glorious perv party, Le Sexy. If your idea of the perfect evening includes men in nothing more than neon undergarments and bunny heads, live electro post-punk ditties with titles like "Little Bald Lesbian Bitch," multiple embodiments of the phrase "tranny hot mess" and numb toes from dancing all night, then, my sick, sick Cinderella, get out your six-inch Lucite heels, 'cause your bumpin' pumpkin coach awaits.

Thu., Dec. 18, 9 p.m., 2008

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