The Valkyries

Friday, December 19

From the sound of things – both via word of mouth and the fact that you could practically hear the band from thousands of miles away – I’m bummed I didn’t catch the Valkyries playing at the Bit this past October as part of SW’s REVERBfest. If you missed out as well, here’s another chance to right the wrong and find out why the all-girl foursome has been hailed around town of late as one of the rawest, fiercest, and most sonically combative outfits Seattle’s garage-punk/metal underground has coughed up in some time. In the finest gutter tradition, Valkyries vocalist Stevie howls like there are sheetrock nails, two gallons of whiskey, and four packs’ worth of cigarette smoke lodged in her throat, while the rest of the band rips it up like the unholy spawn of Motörhead and L7. They might be the sweetest gals in the world, but their music aims to give you a black eye, a bloody nose, and a busted lip, and they make it hurt really good.

Fri., Dec. 19, 9 p.m., 2008

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