Portland’s Jenevive Tatiana sews rainbow-colored sequins onto newspaper clippings, resisting the gloomy headlines. Highlighted within black-and-white photographs are fuchsia war tanks and sparkling soldiers. Also employing startling bursts of color is Eric Franklin, also from Portland, in his eerie skeletal sculptures. Rib cages and femurs made of glass, wood, and plastic appear lifelike, except for the trickles of neon he’s incorporated. CoCa’s 19th-annual “Juried” show (through January 14) features the works of a dozen artists, including Tatiana and Franklin. And it’s a shame the gallery doesn’t have more space for these provocative photographs, sculptures, and mixed-media installations, as each artist’s work is strong enough to headline a show on its own. ERIKA HOBART

Dec. 30-Jan. 14, 10 a.m., 2008

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