The walls are hung with 18 sets of old-fashioned music boxes (seven per group), all with a tine or two bent out of place. These analog devices have been manipulated by hand, then connected to a timer, which sets off the tinny, tiny things every few seconds. The effect, in Movement, is modulated music that sweeps across the gallery, leaping from box to box. Continuing through January 3, this is the first Seattle audio installation by Portland artist Ethan Rose. Fond of “outdated acoustic instruments,” he heard his music featured in the Gus Van Sant film Paranoid Park earlier this year. I don’t want to reveal here what song Rose has taken apart and partly reassembled (hint: It’s a show tune), but if you linger long enough, the melody begins to accumulate. ADRIANA GRANT

Dec. 27-Jan. 3, 2008

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