“I remember” in Italian, Amarcord (1973) is Federico Fellini’s comedic semi-autobiographical look back at his hometown Rimini during the 1930s—and oh, the memories! There’s insane Uncle Teo, who refuses to climb out of a tree because he wants a woman (and then settles for a midget nun); the giant-breasted tobacconist, whom the boys lust after; the Fascist parade with a giant floral arrangement of Mussolini’s face; the prostitute, Volpina, who trolls the town for customers; the femme fatale, Gradisca (the lovely Magalí Noël), who pines for a husband like Gary Cooper—and that’s only a fraction of the colorful cast of characters involved. This joyous Oscar winner arrives on fresh new 35mm print. (NR) ANGELA ASHMAN

Jan. 2-8, 7:30 p.m., 2009

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