Boy Eats Drum Machine

Friday, January 2

Portland's Johnny Ragel brings the term "One Man Show" to a whole new level. His might play electronica with sampled beats laid over instrumental tracks but Ragel — who performs under the name Boy Eats Drum Machine — isn't the sort of DJ who sits idly behind his turntables, occasionally touching his hand to his headphones. Instead, he bounces around an elaborate musical set-up, banging on a drum, shaking a tambourine and even playing his saxophone. The result: BEDM sounds like a jazz-electronic fusion on record and looks like a well-synchronized dance on stage. Watching him carefully time his every movement — from carefully dropping the needle on a records' track to effortlessly beating a drum with only drumstick — provides insight into how artfully crafted Ragel's music is. He does just create beats and lay tracks; this man feels every note.

Fri., Jan. 2, 9 p.m., 2009

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