Ghostland Observatory

Wednesday, December 31

Ghostland Observatory describes their sound not as music, but "as an agreement between two friends" to fulfill their individual musical desires. This understanding should also be shared amongst friends when attempting to come to a mutual decision on what band to see for New Years. Obviously, the larger the group, the harder to satisfy each individual need – but this is exactly why Ghostland Observatory at the WaMu Theatre is the ideal ticket to ring in 2009. With their mish-mash sound running the gamut from electro soul to all-out psychedelic rawk, this two man show will, undeniably, throw down a sufficient blend of enough different sounds to please even the guy who just wanted to go see a jam band. Ghostland doesn't hold back during their live shows, either, and their cosmos-shaking energy will keep you dancing well past the stroke of midnight. All ages.

Wed., Dec. 31, 9 p.m., 2008

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