Saturday, January 10

The first time I heard Glasvegas – the Scottish foursome whose name, if you hadn’t already surmised, is a cross between Glasgow and Las Vegas – they reminded me of another widely lauded (yet all-but-forgotten) U.K. band, the Doves. Like that group, Glasvegas crafts rock of the stately, brooding, epic, cinematic variety, with a taste for gray-sky melodies and an ear for Phil Spector-style wall of sound production. Singer James Allan comes from the Bono school of over-emotive crooning, but it’s not really a deal breaker. The band actually gets compared more to the Jesus and Mary Chain than U2 – probably because early champion Alan McGee (the Creation Records founder and one-time Jesus and Mary Chain manager) compared them to J&MC and everyone else ran with it – but I don’t really hear it. They’re far more refined. Glasvegas’s self-titled debut album, which came out just a few months ago, is all the rage in England. And deservedly so. Who knows about the band’s staying power, though – I’d catch them now, before they fly away never to be heard from again. Like the Doves.

Sat., Jan. 10, 8 p.m., 2009

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