Local Aesthetic

Local artist Troy Gua doesn’t think it’s enough to be accosted by images of Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan in the supermarket checkout line. His new series of portraits in the group show “Local Aesthetic” consists entirely of pop-culture icons. But these glossy acrylic depictions contain far more substance than the tabloids. Gua pairs seemingly unrelated celebrities with smart and often humorous results. Thus, for instance, The Ronald McReagan contains the grins of both the former president and McDonalds clown, to reflect on an American decade of excess and stupidity. The Mona Lisa Marie blends Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa and Lisa Marie Presley—two women made famous by their male creators. I proposed that Gua next superimpose my body onto Johnny Depp’s. (Because, er, we’re both hot?) His response: “Next on my list.” Take that, Vanessa Paradis! Also featured through February 6 are new works by local artists Ryan Molenkamp and Greg Boudreau. ERIKA HOBART

Jan. 13-Feb. 6, noon, 2009

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