The Unborn: D-List Actors Die in Droves

As it forges ahead without explanations, The Unborn works in its way, as a series of snap-cut gotchas introducing each new contestant in its pageant of cold-sweat set-pieces. Often, this involves starlet Odette Yustman approaching some obscured, inevitably terrifying figure from behind, very...very...slowly. Yustman plays Casey, a well-heeled young suburbanite who's been having bad dreams. The night terrors begin to infest her waking life when, while babysitting one of those whey-faced grade-schoolers who populate modern horror films as if by quota, the kiddie cryptically intones: "Jumby wants to be born now." Trying to figure out what exactly that means leads Casey and The Unborn into a thicket of exposition involving suicided mothers, Nazi mad geneticists, and kabbalah/Jewish folklore. The titular reference to from-the-womb haunting is only an afterthought; The Unborn more fully belongs to the durable exorcism subgenre, complete with a climactic exorcism-by-committee that plays like a pan-denominational p.c. update of The Exorcist's implicit verification of Catholicism's One True Faith. Tune out the battle royale bombast, and start wondering where to eat after the movie.

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