Jamie Spiess

Q Café’s booker seems to possess an uncanny knack for wading through the Seattle’s ever-widening pool of lesser-known folk songwriters and scooping up the best of the lot. It’s sort of like how bears pluck just one salmon from a river teeming with them (for proof, look no further than onetime Q regular Tiny Vipers). Tonight’s lineup is just another triumphant example of those grizzly-like fishing skills. Grand Hallway frontman Tomo Nakayama will perform an acoustic set of new material from the band’s upcoming sophomore record (for a taste, listen to sweet, sumptuous single “Blessed Be, Honeybee” on the band’s MySpace page). Damien Jurado’s newish project, Hoquiam, will perform material from an upcoming EP on Cassette. Rounding out the bill is Jamie Spiess’ haunting pop band, Husbands, Love Your Wives; Spiess recently self-released a live album of her recent Triple Door set with Jurado, and she plans to release her first full-length record this year. Extra bonus: Visual artist Scott Erickson will be painting during the show. SARA BRICKNER

Fri., Jan. 16, 9 p.m., 2009

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