Site: Unseen

The landscape photography in “Site: Unseen” is all about what’s not in the picture. There’s no dead bodies in Stephen Chalmers’ luminous, pigment-on-aluminum crime-scene prints, no sense of history in Zach Mazur’s Native American massacre sites. The Spokane-based Chalmers combed police records for where serial killers dumped their victims’ bodies, then used GPS to reach the often remote, forested locations. “They’re not creepy,” he told me, but I have to disagree. The supersaturated green vistas are ominous, empty, emptied. Another sort of history is documented in the black-and-white images from Mazur, who lives in Pullman. In Battle of Four Lakes Memorial, Facing East, we see what has become of the land opposite an historical marker for the 1858 battle, which took place near Spokane. A bike lies spilled along a dirt road, outside a mall’s chain-link fence. Inside the fence: a Bonanza restaurant and a Ford dealership. The Wild West has been conquered, the land turned into parking lots. (Gallery closed Sun.) ADRIANA GRANT

Jan. 24-Feb. 6, 11 a.m., 2009

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