Department of Eagles

Wednesday, January 28

Upon hearing The Cave Singers for the first time, with their candescent warmth sprawling from gently plucked acoustic guitars and faithfully plodding bass pedals, it's hard to figure out how this spring-in-your-step folk trio ever constructed themselves from the ashes of Pretty Girls Make Graves. But take a closer listen, and you'll notice that the same dramatic, arching themes and melodies that carried much of PGMG's boisterous art-rock are reincarnated with The Cave Singers¬ójust under much more calm pretenses. Joining The Cave Singers will be Department of Eagles, who are making their way down the west coast from a lengthy date list back east. Not to be outdone by the most recent wave of counterparts, the original dorm rock duo is still creating an expansive, collective sound that only grows wiser with time. In Ear Park, their second, full-length album, will move you in unexpected ways with its combination of quirk, honesty and heartache.

Wed., Jan. 28, 8 p.m., 2009

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