Delta Spirit

Friday, February 6

Rock snots everywhere love reveling in tales of attending their favorite band’s very first show. Mystically, these rock ' n roll fish tales always somehow manage to negate the unromantic details like rookie jitters, technical problems and the dreaded "empty room echo.” I think there's nothing like seeing a band in their "crest,” though, and the kids in Delta Spirit are currently riding said crest. They've played Conan and landed on all sorts of '08 top ten lists with their full length soulicana debut, Ode to Sunshine, and will be fresh off a European tour upon the hitting the Northwest. Usually at this time, bands still like each other, start seeing a little money, and their girlfriends get way hotter. They are, for better or worse, living in the middle of Aldo Nova's “rock 'n roll fantasy” as they will never play tighter, sound better, or be happier with their lot in life then at this particular moment. For many, the dream dies short of stardom, but if their inspired show at last year's ACL was any indicator, Delta Spirit have the chops to ride the crest longer than most. Photo courtesy Matt Wignall.

Fri., Feb. 6, 9:30 p.m., 2009

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