Andrew Bird

Monday, February 23

Andrew Bird is the quintessential postmodern musician. He combines strings, vocals, glockenspiel, and proficient whistling in an intuitive, delicate hodgepodge. On the New York Times’ “Measure for Measure” blog, Bird narrates the creative progression of his music. At live shows, he uses a sampling pedal to create new versions of his songs like a revisionist poet, baffling and exciting the audience. The majority of his latest album, Noble Beast, was recorded at his farm in Western Illinois. A track for the Useless Creatures bonus disc called “The Barn Tapes” lends its listeners the acoustics of, you guessed it, the man’s own barn. His unusual penchant for combining elements of the antiquated and the futuristic can be difficult to comprehend, but however Andrew Bird chooses to shape his songs, the music always speaks loudly for itself.

Mon., Feb. 23, 8 p.m., 2009

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