Blake Lewis

Thursday, February 12

It's been a rough few years for Seattle native Blake Lewis. After gaining a nation of fans on Season 6 of American Idol — his beatboxed rendition of "You Give Love a Bad Name" springs to mind — Lewis appears to be on a slow decline. In late December 2007, he released Audio Day Dream to mixed reviews but high chart performance. Six months later, he was dropped by Arista, his record label. But as any bow-tie wearing beatboxer knows, you can't keep Blake Lewis down forever. Apparently, he's still recording, since he told MTV news last June he had four new tracks completed. At that rate, the artist also know as "BShorty" has probably written a whole album's worth of Justin Timberlake-inspired material by now. It's hard to say, since none of the tracks have been posted on his Web site or leaked on the Internet. So, for those die-hard Lewis fans in Seattle, seeing the blond-haired boy wonder live might be the only chance to sample his latest musical stylings. For the rest of us, here's to hoping he sticks with Bon Jovi covers.

Thu., Feb. 12, 8 p.m., 2009

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