Don Caballero

Tuesday, February 17

Led by drummer Damon Che, the mostly instrumental Pittsburgh band Don Caballero got its start in 1991 playing an especially knotty, roiling, metallic brand of mathy post-rock that sometimes sounded like Slint on crystal meth and steroids. For all the anarchic, experimental turbulence in their tunes, there was definitely method to the madness; Che was and is a first-class, sophisticated arranger and player with a clear vision for the group. That may be why he’s been branded “difficult,” or why Don Cab has endured long hiatuses and wholesale lineup changes in its history (Che’s the only remaining original member). Last fall’s Punkgasm is still complex and dynamic, but overall it’s probably the most straightforward and accessible album Don Cab’s offered to date.

Tue., Feb. 17, 8 p.m., 2009

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