Kool Keith

Friday, February 20

Whether the enigmatic Kool Keith actually spent some time in a psychiatric hospital back in the day or if that story’s just an urban legend, there’s little doubt the guy is fucking batshit-crazy. Crazier than Tracy Morgan in 30 Rock. But mostly in a crazy good way. His wholly unique flow and non-sequitur raps are breathtaking, hilarious, and baffling, and he’s created a slew of imaginative, memorable hip-hop personas, from the creepy, pornographic Dr. Octagon to the supergalactic Black Elvis to the menacing Dr. Dooom. And even when it’s crazy bad, like coming out in a cape and tin-foil dog-cone-around-the-head thing, hawking his own “rare” albums from the stage, and offering bizarre dating advice until he clears half the room (as the Village Voice reported from one of his shows a couple years ago), it’s still pretty great in that random spectacle sort of way. Keith’s coming to town to perform as established “rivals” Dr. Octagon and Dr. Dooom, which should make for a confusing, schizophrenic, and hopefully exhilarating night where just about anything can, and probably will, happen.

Fri., Feb. 20, 8 p.m., 2009

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