Larry Wilmore

Larry Wilmore isn’t impressed with devoting February, the shortest month of the year, to black history. “Hell, no! Twenty-eight days of trivia to make up for centuries of oppression?” asks The Daily Show’s designated “senior black correspondent.” Then comes the punch line and title of his new book: I’d Rather We Got Casinos (and Other Black Thoughts) (Hyperion, $23.99). On TV, with his pinched, mumbling voice, Wilmore nails the absurdity of racism. Reparation for slavery? Give blacks the Superdome. A better term than African-American? How about “chocolate?” Or imagine Martin Luther King texting his thoughts from the Birmingham jail. Though a new face to Jon Stewart fans, Wilmore’s actually a comedy veteran, having produced The Bernie Mac Show and lately appeared on The Office. He’s got plenty of echt-profound black thoughts answer your every question. Except sudoku, he has no black thoughts on that. LAURA ONSTOT

Mon., Feb. 16, 7:30 p.m., 2009

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