Pierced Arrows

Friday, February 20

It's nearly impossible to say anything about Pierced Arrows without mentioning Dead Moon, the band's previous incarnation. For 20 years, Dead Moon was Portland's greatest punk export. Fred and Toody Cole, along with drummer Andrew Loomis, recorded stripped-down, country-tinged instrumentals layered with Fred Cole's warbly and growling vocals. The band split in 2006, and the Coles debuted Pierced Arrows a year later — another three-piece outfit with the same garage sensibility. But make no mistake, these are two separate bands. Pierced Arrows might share Dead Moon's angst, but the new songs are little more rock and a little less garage. The rhythms are slower and steadier, and Toody Cole's vocals on songs like “Caroline” reveal the band's folk side. The resulting music lacks the hard edges that turn people off to punk music, while retaining the raw emotion that appeals to the most ardent Dead Moon fans. And for those punk rockers nostalgic for songs like "Over the Edge," you're in luck: Pierced Arrows has been known, on occasion, to play their old hits live. Photo by Simone Muller.

Fri., Feb. 20, 9:30 p.m., 2009

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