Sonny Landreth

Saturday, February 21

The music business is chock full of lightning-hot talents that never got their due. Usually, this results in the artist either becoming jaded and bitchy or gracious and humble. Sonny Landreth, the slide guitarist and producer from Louisiana, belongs in the latter category. From Eric Clapton to Vince Gill to Mark Knopfler, musicians of all stripes cite Landreth as one of their favorite players, yet he's never hit the chart success of his highly visible peer group. He is (here comes the kiss of death) a musician's musician. But like a lot of Louisiana country boys, Landreth is an easygoing personality, which, combined with his swamp-slick guitar work, makes him one of the more desirable session men around. In addition to Clapton, Gill, and Knopfler, Landreth has recorded with Dr. John, Allen Toussaint, Bobby Charles, John Mayall, and N'awlins accordionist Clifton Cheinier. Landreth also has a Southern writer's gift for visual, no-nonsense lyrics. On his latest album, From the Reach, Landreth sings of Bush's post-Katrina flyover and the effect is homespun and scathing. "Air Force One had a heck of a view/ Looking down on the patchwork of the blue tarp blues."

Sat., Feb. 21, 8 p.m., 2009

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