The Gutter Twins

A friend of mine saw The Gutter Twins last summer and could only conjure one word for the experience: Intense. To which I replied: “You expected something different from Greg Dulli and Mark Lanegan?” Dulli describes his work with ex-Screaming Trees vocalist Lanegan as “a Satanic Everly Brothers,” but it’s more like listening to a couple of aging outlaws looking back on a past fueled by fistfuls of amphetamines, gallons of wine, and enough cigarettes to kill a family of lab rats. Those familiar with their solo efforts will know that sin, death, addiction, damnation, and redemption have been constant themes. As a result, this stripped down two-man show will probably feel like an AA meeting in Hell. Lanegan’s ability to growl is unmatched. “Little girls may twitch at the way I itch/ But the way I burn/ It’s a son of a bitch,” he sings on “All Misery/Flowers.” Dulli maintains the devlish, masochistic lover delivery he perfected with the Twilight Singers (and, before that, the Afghan Whigs), but Lanegan’s harmonic grumbling makes him sound like he’s slipping even further from grace. The two are both still totally dysfunctional individuals, regardless of their age. But like so many poorly behaved couples, we’re better off because they have each other. BRIAN J. BARR

Sun., Feb. 15, 8 p.m., 2009

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