Dino Day!

“You know what’s even cooler than Triceratops?” Dwight asked Jim, when the latter recalled a fond childhood memory in a recent episode of The Office. “Every other dinosaur that ever existed.” You’re way off, Dwight! Though less fierce and intimidating than T-Rex, the hulking three-horned herbivore of the late Cretaceous Period was a fascinating creature. And Triceratops is the this year’s featured beast for Dino Day!, the Burke’s annual exhibition of dinosaur discoveries for all ages. Visitors will learn about its eating habits, size, and lifespan, and see recently excavated fossils from dozens of different dinosaurs. Children can get their hands dirty, too, with drawing activities, dinosaur dress-up, fossil finding games. “Cool” is subjective. If it were alive today, Triceratops might even get an invite to Dunder Mifflin. Because I hear Pam is a big fan. NEIL ESTEP

Sat., March 7, 10 a.m., 2009

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