Hank III & Assjack - SOLD OUT

Wednesday, March 4

Nothing against Hank “Are you ready for some football?!” Williams Jr. – I’m sure he’s a swell guy and all – but I only really have time for two members of that musical family: Legendary country pioneer Hank Williams and his grandson, charismatic cowpunk Hank Williams III, or simply Hank III. Both look almost exactly the same, ’cept for the latter’s tattoos, both are killer songwriters, and, from all accounts, both share the same bad-ass attitude and lifestyle. You’d be forgiven for thinking “P.F.F.” (which stands for Punch, Fight, Fuck) – a song on Hank III’s recent Damn Right, Rebel Proud – is about Hank himself, but it’s really an ode to one of his favorites, infamous scum-punk G.G. Allin: “I drink a lotta whiskey, smokin’ all the time/I’m getting’ fucked up every goddamn night/Everybody's doin’ cocaine and startin’ up fights/And I’m livin’ fast and hard and dyin’ hard with my goddamn/Loaded fists of fury, doin’ what I do/And I’m spittin’ in your face cause I’m dominatin’ you.” Even when III and his band rock the traditional country instruments (acoustic guitars, fiddle, banjo, etc.) things get mighty rowdy; and when they reconfigure mid-show into Assjack, III’s straight-up hardcore/punk-metal outfit, you may want to consider taking cover.

Wed., March 4, 7 p.m., 2009

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