Rockaby & Footfalls

The first live-theater piece by longtime Seattle experimental filmmaker Janice Findley pairs two late works by Samuel Beckett in this 52-minute doubleheader (including intermission). The startling, hypnotic Rockaby spotlights a splendidly dressed old woman (Mary Ewald), perched like a child on a high chair. While she rocks we hear the soundtrack of her consciousness looping, cursing, repeating. In the woeful, galumphing Footfalls, May (also Ewald), a prematurely ancient shell of a human who relishes the sound and feel of her own arthritic pacing outside her mother's sickroom. Over the course of four segments, she carries on a series of monologues and verbal exchanges with the offstage voice of her mother (Leticia Jaramillo). Findley says she was drawn to these two plays, both about caregiving, while looking after her ailing mother. Her simple staging is an imaginatively faithful rendering of Beckett's directives. MARGARET FRIEDMAN Extended to March 21.

Fridays, Saturdays, 8 p.m. Starts: Feb. 27. Continues through March 21, 2009

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