Stephen Pearcy

Saturday, March 7

In one particularly memorable scene from The Wrestler, Mickey Rourke’s “Randy ‘The Ram’ Robinson” puts the moves on Marisa Tomei’s “Cassidy” at a North Jersey dive bar while serenading her with RATT’s “Round and Round”; both wax nostalgic about ’80s hair metal until “the Ram” complains, “Then that Cobain pussy had to come around and ruin it all…” Dunno if RATT frontman Stephen Pearcy – whose face is looking almost as battered as Rourke’s these days, at least judging by a recent appearance on VH-1 Classic – feels the same way, but it wouldn’t surprise me. In the nearly two decades since grunge dethroned hair metal, Pearcy’s been through a handful of RATT breakups and reunions, RATT-related lawsuits, and a largely ignored solo career, but onward he goes. Like Randy the Ram, a Pearcy comeback seems unlikely; his persistence is noble but sometimes painful to witness. Yet he can still summon the strength to wow a crowd of the faithful, however small, and he’ll probably die doing what he loves. Can’t fault a guy for that.

Sat., March 7, 8 p.m., 2009

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